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Ulrich Elkmann Online

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23.05.2022 00:11
"Leoparden küsst man nicht, ..." Antworten

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Online

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24.05.2022 13:02
#2 RE: "Leoparden küsst man nicht, ..." Antworten

Ich geb' das erst mal so weiter. Keine Ahnung, was davon zu halten ist.

Zitat von Published 17 hours ago on 23 May, 2022
Report: Wuhan Bio Lab Carried Out Gain Of Function Research On Monkeypox Virus

The Wuhan bio lab that was the centre of controversy surrounding gain of function research on coronaviruses appears to have been carrying out the same kind of research on monkeypox, to make it more lethal to humans, according to a report citing the peer reviewed journal Virologica Sinica which published the lab’s findings in February.

The National Pulse reports:

The Wuhan Institute of Virology assembled a monkeypox virus genome, allowing the virus to be identified through PCR tests, using a method researchers flagged for potentially creating a “contagious pathogen.”

The report continues:

The study was first published in February 2022, just months before the latest international outbreak of monkeypox cases which appear to have now reached the United States.

Researchers appeared to identify a portion of the monkeypox virus genome, enabling PCR tests to identify the virus, in the paper: “Efficient Assembly of a Large Fragment of Monkeypox Virus Genome as a qPCR Template Using Dual-Selection Based Transformation-Associated Recombination“.

The paper acknowledged that this Transformation-Associated Recombination (TAR) “applied in virological research could also raise potential security concerns, especially when the assembled product contains a full set of genetic material that can be recovered into a contagious pathogen.”

The full paper can be read below:
The revelations follow on from suggestions from a source within the European Centers For Disease Control that the current strain of monkeypox rapidly spreading across the globe appears to be “a third lab strain with unknown characteristics, and that there is chatter about this being somehow related to Moscow’s charges against U.S. biological activities in Ukraine.”

This information, along with several other reports indicating that drills and ‘war game’ scenarios by the WHO and the Gates Foundation involving monkeypox will once again serve to stoke fears that the outbreak could have originated from a bio lab.

Just as news of the first monkeypox case found in the U.S. broke, the Biden administration ordered 13 million doses of a vaccine that protects against both monkeypox and smallpox.

This weekend, Belgium became the first country to begin imposing quarantine measures for the virus, as Joe Biden also stated that the developments were ‘concerning’.

Sky News reported that “Exactly what is driving the UK’s largest outbreak is a mystery,” especially as health experts previously asserted that monkeypox wasn’t very transmissible amongst humans, with some speculating it has mutated.

Das Paper in der Ausgabe vom Februar 2022. Seite 2, linke Spalte oben. Ich zitier' mal:

Zitat von Efficient assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox genome as a qPCR template using dual-selection based transformation-asociated recombination
Monkeypox viruses (MPXVs) are large DNA viruses with reported genome sizes ranging from 190,083 to 206,372 bp in length. As a member of the Orthopaxvirus genus in the family Poxviridae, MPXV is subdivided into the West Africa and Congo Basin clades. The latter is more pathogenic and has been reported to infect humans in various parts of the world [reviewed in (Brown and Leggatt, 2016)]. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) is the gold standard for the detection of orthopoxvirus (including MPXV). For pan-orthopoxviruses detection, the E9L (DNA polymerase) gene has been shown to be an excellent target for qPCR essays (Kulesh et al., 2004). For MPXV detection, Li et al. reported that the C3L (complement-binding protein) gene could be used as the qPCR target for the MPXV Congo Basin strain (Li et al., 2010 ). Since MPXV infection has never been associated with an outbreak in China, the viral genomic material required for qPCR detection is unavailable. In this report, we employed dual-selective TAR to assemble a 55-kb MPXV genomic fragment that encompasses E9L and C3L, two valuable qPCR targets for detecting MPXV or other orthopoxviruses. The dual-selective average legitimate assemtly yield of 79%, demonstrating that Pad-H1-URA3, serving as a negative selective marker, can optimize TAR assembly by abolishing vector recirculation.

Autoren: Lei Yang, Linqian Tian, Leshan Li, Quihong Liu, Xiang Guo, Yuan Zhou, Rongjuan Pei, Xinwen Chen & Yun Wang. Ausnahmslos beim: "State Key Laboratory of Virology, Center for Biosafety Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Wuhan, 430071, China."

Heißt im Klartext: Die haben "Gain-of-Function"-Forschung am Influenzavirus H7N4 betrieben, und als Marker, um die in den Proben aufzufinden, haben sie einen Abschnitt auf dem sonst in China nicht vorkommenden Affenpockenvirus des Kongobeckenklade als Marker eingebaut, der die beiden charakteristischen Sequenzen E9L und C3L enthält, auf die die Assays des PCR-Tests anspringen.

Ich denke mir das nicht aus. Das steht da im Paper.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Online

Beiträge: 13.749

24.05.2022 14:13
#3 RE: "Leoparden küsst man nicht, ..." Antworten

Noch aus dem Paper:

2.4. Viral sequence
The 5'-end terminus (1-55543 bp) of the MPXV strain Congo 2003_358 (GenBank DQ011154,1) genome was chemically synthesized. The synthesized viral genomic DNA includes four continuous segments. Each viral segment was approximately 15 kb in length (Fig. 3A), with 100 bp of overlap split between adjagent segments.

Die haben 4 verschiedene Sequenzen von jeweils 15.000 Basenpaaren nachgebaut, mit jeweils 100 Basenpaaren am Ende identisch überlappend, alles in allem 55500 Basenpaare lang. Als Modellsequenz hat ihnen die Genanalyse aus dem US-Amerikanischen Ausbruch im Mittelwesten von 2003 gedient, den ich in meinem Posting referiert habe.

Ende Abschnitt 4, "Discussion":

However, this DNA assembly tool applied in virological research could also raise potential security concerns when the assembled product contains a full set of genetic material that can be recovered into a contagious pathogen. Recently, a group of scientists was funded by a biotech company to synthesize a full-length horsepox virus genome and recover it into an infectious virus (Noyce et al, 2018). Not surprisingly, such a controversial achievement has received enormous attention and raised global debate on biosecurity implications (DiEuliis et al., 2017; Koblentz, 2017, 2018; Di Euliis and Gronwall, 2018). In this study, although a full-length viral genome would be the ideal reference template for detecting MPXV by qPCR, we only sought to assemble a 55-kb viral fragment, less than one third of the MPXV genome. This assembly product is fail-safe by virtually eliminating any risk of recovering into an infectious virus while providing multiple qPCR targets for detecting MPXV or other Orthopox viruses. (Li et al., 2010).

Es handelt sich um 4 Abschnitte aus dieser Genanalyse:

Strain Name: Congo_2003_358
View Strain Details
Taxonomy: Poxviridae -> Chordopoxvirinae -> Orthopoxvirus -> Monkeypox virus
GenBank Host: Homo sapiens
Host: Human
GenBank Genome Accession: DQ011154
NCBI Taxon ID: 10244

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Online

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12.06.2022 22:52
#4 RE: "Leoparden küsst man nicht, ..." Antworten


Zitat von ZR
Es hat nun einmal nichts mit „Schwulenfeindlichkeit“ zu tun, wenn man darauf hinweist, daß homosexueller Intimverkehr, in Verbindung mit einer verbreitet ausübten massiven Promiskuität für die Verbreitung von Geschlechtskrankheiten ideale Bedingungen darstellen. Das ist simple Biologie; es ist das gleiche Phänomen, das in der Landwirtschaft Monokulturen großflächig anfällig für Schädlinge macht. Es gehört zu den Aufgaben vernunftbegabter Wesen, davon zu wissen und sich diesen Umständen entsprechend zu verhalten. (An dieser Stelle zitiert der Kleine Zyniker Blaise Pascals Satz „Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point," um nicht das griffige jiddische Sprichwort „Wem der Putz steht…“ zu gebrauchen, weist aber auf die Ironie hin, daß für die Wokisten, für die sexuelle Orientierung, Verhalten, Partnerwahl nichts als soziale Gepflogenheiten und „Unterdrückungsmethoden“ darstellen, sich hier auf ein biologisches Phänomen konzentriert haben, daß wie kein anderes von – eben – biologischen, hormonellen, evolutionsgeschichtlich entstandenen Grundlagen gesteuert und bestimmt wird, daß sich blind über Hunderte von Millionen Jahren zum Zweck der Arterhaltung herausgebildet hat.)

mkextra @mkextra1

Affenpocken Patient Zero ist schwuler Personaler mit HIV, der meint, dass zehn Männer für die Ansteckung in Frage kommen, mit denen er in letzter Zeit Sex hatte.

Alles völlig normal, bitte weitergehen. @Hadmut

8:56 PM · Jun 12, 2022·Twitter Web App

Zitat von 16:53 BST, 7 June 2022
Pictured: First monkeypox patient to go public is a gay HR manager from London who was deported from Dubai just weeks ago for testing positive for HIV — and he claims he STILL hasn't been contact traced

EXCLUSIVE: James M has spoken out after claiming he's still not been contacted despite testing fortnight ago
HR manager, 35, suffered 'really weird aches' in his lower back, exhaustion, extreme thirst and bladder pain
Thinks he caught virus from one of 10 sexual partners in the weeks before his symptoms started
UK Health Security Agency officials claim they have tried and failed to get in touch with James

James M, 35, has spoken out after claiming that health chiefs still haven't contacted him despite being diagnosed with monkeypox nearly a fortnight ago.

He slammed the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) for 'a real lack of any basic process or care to stop the spread' of the tropical virus, which has so far infected more than 300 Britons, mostly gay and bisexual men.

James — who wished to keep his surname anonymous — admitted he is not following self-isolation rules because 'I was told to stay home until UKHSA contacted me... and they never did.'

He accused the UK of having a lackadaisical approach to contact tracing, saying it was 'no wonder' Britain had more cases than any other country outside of Africa. There is also a lack of awareness about monkeypox's lesser-known symptoms, he claimed.

James was readjusting to life in west London when he began suffering from 'really weird aches' in his lower back, exhaustion, extreme thirst and pain when he used the toilet.

He became convinced he had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) after sleeping with around 10 new partners in the weeks before his symptoms started.

'I’m a gay man, and having just come back to the UK, I was having a good time,' he told MailOnline.

Soweit ich weiß, ist promiskes Sexualverhalten NACH Erhalt eines positiven HIV-Befunds in nicht wenigen Ländern ein Straftatbestand, und fällt sowenig unter "having a good time" wie andere vorsätzliche Körperverletzung.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Online

Beiträge: 13.749

23.07.2022 00:36
#5 RE: "Leoparden küsst man nicht, ..." Antworten

Als vor knapp 40 Jahren die ersten Fälle von AIDS/HIV auftauchten und es ab 1984 zu alarmistischen Befürchtungen über die künftige Entwicklung kam, gab es durchaus Vorwürfe an die Szenen, die Milieus von Homosexuellen – der despektierliche Begriff „Schwulenpest“ wurde durchaus gebraucht, wenn auch schon damals, noch nicht im Zeichen der „politischen Korrektheit“ und der allgegenwärtigen Regenbogenbanner die meisten Politiker und Medienmacher alles daran setzten, um eine solche Stigmatisierung zu verhindern. ...Es hat nun einmal nichts mit „Schwulenfeindlichkeit“ zu tun, wenn man darauf hinweist, daß homosexueller Intimverkehr, in Verbindung mit einer verbreitet ausübten massiven Promiskuität für die Verbreitung von Geschlechtskrankheiten ideale Bedingungen darstellen. Das ist simple Biologie; es ist das gleiche Phänomen, das in der Landwirtschaft Monokulturen großflächig anfällig für Schädlinge macht. Es gehört zu den Aufgaben vernunftbegabter Wesen, davon zu wissen und sich diesen Umständen entsprechend zu verhalten.

Ich bitte um Nachsicht für das Folgende.Es ist drastisch. Wer empfindliche Nerven hat, sollte dies auf keinen Fall lesen. Aber ich möchte dies im O-Ton dokumentieren - schon um deutlich zu machen, aus welchen Gründen mir mittlerweile JEGLICHE Sympathie, Toleranz für und positive Einstellung zu dieser Klientel abhanden gekommen ist.

BabethePigBoi @BabeRogersxxx
Hi so I have monkeypox. Not fishing for any sort of sympathy, but since I’m already know for being pretty unabashed on the internet, I figured I’d give an honest account of how I got it and how my symptoms manifested to hopefully educate anyone curious. So strap in (🧵)
2:18 AM · Jul 22, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

So this whole saga really begins mid June, when I managed to finally catch Covid. All in all, thanks to a long Covid cough that just wouldn’t quit, I ended up completely isolating for 3 full weeks, not being able to have any sex or make any content.

Needless to say I was desperate to get back to work. Like yes I’m a slut and all that but sex is both my life AND my livelihood; if I’m not making content I can’t pay my bills.

So I finally got back into the swing of things and attended a friends birthday orgy Saturday the 9th. I had been watching the news on monkeypox but the general feelings on it really were and still are developing by the day. So I nor anyone else was especially worried,

Especially since there had been only two confirmed cases in my entire county, and this group was all locals. AND the host of that group was a good friend and a nurse, so I trusted their judgement in still having the event happen.

It was a great time, I think I came into sexual content with somewhere in the ballpark of 15-20 different men.

In all the following days once I was back to being sexually active I made sure to check in with my body, to make sure I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms, as based on all the research I’d done, mp was only contagious when you’re having symptoms.

The following Monday I was feeling totally fine. Filmed with two daddies, had a great time. Still definitely no symptoms. I knew I had plans made to go to another orgy on Thursday, so I took the days leading up off from sex, to minimize any risk of getting or spreading anything.

So Thursday comes around and by this point I had gotten pretty nervous about mp. Like I said, it seemed like every day the conversation was getting more and more intense. So I spent the whole day doing research and reaching out to medical friends to get their opinions.

Pretty much everyone and everything said the same thing: “there’s only a few cases in your county, risks are incredibly low at this point.” So I made the educated risk to attend the orgy on Thursday. Wowzers did that blow up in my fucking face in the end.

So this orgy was a piss orgy thrown by some friends. Even though it wasn’t officially affiliated with it, it was advertised as a “Pre Wet n Hot” orgy, Wet n Hot being a big piss kink event that happens in Palm Springs. It was what brought me to PS the first time I had visited

It had actually been cancelled the two years prior thanks to Covid, so people were really intent on coming to this one. And plenty of people who were flying into town from all over the place (including places where mp was way more prevalent) were attending this orgy

So I attend the orgy, have a great time. Guzzled a metric fuckton of human piss, I think I had sexual contact with around 15 men, similar to the orgy on Saturday. Had a great time, met some great people, then stumbled my piss-drunk ass home.

On Friday I had a few quick hookups with local guys, 3 total, and on Saturday I have a fourway with some local piss pigs. Nothing on Sunday, though I did make plans to film the following Thursday rather than on Monday when I usually film, which would turn out to be a good thing

Come Monday, and my cough seems to come back. I don’t think much of it as I was still experiencing that intermittent long Covid cough I mentioned, but this was it back with quite the vengeance. I opted to wait until Thursday to do any fucking, just to be sure.

Tuesday is when shit hits the fan. Cough is still bad, but come evening and a wave of exhaustion suddenly hits me. I get in bed around 7:30, thinking maybe I’ll get some extra sleep, and I realize I can literally feel the heat coming off my skin; I must have a fever

It’s starting to sink in now. I screw my courage to my goddamn sticking place (literally) and reach down and feel around my hole. And there it is, little bumps on the inside of my fucking ass cheeks. I had the pox

I immediately message my doctor and let him know, and tell him I’m going to call my local disease control tomorrow. Stupidly I’m hoping they can retroactively give me the vaccine to at least make this not as severe but if you’re already having symptoms there’s no point

I just feel worse and worse as the night goes on. I’m scalding to the touch but even under three blankets I couldn’t get warm, everytime I stood up my head would throb and the room would spin. And I’m just so so sad and upset, to have this literally right after Covid

Currently it’s now my second full day of symptoms. I went and got tested and while those results won’t be back for a few days the doctor could confirm it’s mp. Still my lymph nodes aren’t swollen and I don’t have any lesions on my hands, so hopefully this is the more mild version

Tracing it back it’s pretty clear I had my exposure at the Thursday orgy with all the out-of-towners, the timing works out exactly right. I’m really not sure at what point I began to be contagious, if it was when my cough got worse or when all those symptoms hit me at once,

But as far as I can tell I didn’t pass it on to anyone, and me having it has actually allowed several other people to be vaccinated so there’s at least one silver lining, as well as the fact that by the end of this I’ll be immunized myself.

All in all if you are able to get the vaccine voluntarily please do. I live in a small town and didn’t have the option, even though I was highly at risk.

My 2 cents: it’s reductive to tell gay people to not have sex, it didn’t work in the early days of AIDS and clearly it’s not working now. But do your best to make educated choices, check your counties case numbers frequently, and if you can, avoid groups and anon encounters.

DAS ist das Verhalten und die Lehre, die solche Leute aus 40 Jahren AIDS/HIV gezogen haben. Die Anzahl der Fälle des akuten Ausbruchs (der ausschließlich darauf zurückgeht), steht außerhalb Afrikas zurzeit bei 16600; in Deutschland momentan bei 2268.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Online

Beiträge: 13.749

23.07.2022 17:09
#6 RE: "Leoparden küsst man nicht, ..." Antworten

Zitat von Ulrich Elkmann im Beitrag #5
...aus welchen Gründen mir mittlerweile JEGLICHE Sympathie, Toleranz für und positive Einstellung zu dieser Klientel abhanden gekommen ist.

Updated 2 hours ago - Health

CDC confirms first U.S. cases of monkeypox in children
The U.S. has confirmed the first two cases of monkeypox in children, Centers for Disease Control Prevention and Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky said Friday.

Why it matters: The CDC has said children, especially those under 8 years old, are among those at "especially increased risk" for severe monkeypox disease.
What she's saying: "Both of those children are traced back to individuals who come from the men-who-have-sex-with-men community, the gay men's community," Walensky said at a virtual event with the Washington Post on Friday.
Both children "are doing well," she added.
In a statement, the CDC said the cases are unrelated to one another, and that both are "likely the result of household transmission."

The big picture: Men who have sex with other men remain the most vulnerable to monkeypox, but in some countries that saw outbreaks before 2022, young children died at higher rates from the disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Sexual contact is also not the only way the disease can be spread.
Epidemiologists have warned that the risk isn't limited to any one community and that "somebody who is not gay can get it just as easily as someone who is gay."
As of Thursday, the CDC had tallied a total of 2,593 cases of monkeypox in the U.S.
WHO officials have also raised the alarm that the outbreak "poses a real risk" to public health.

Ich erinnere daran, daß bei der ersten Welle von Affenpocken bei menschlichen Patienten, im Kongo zwischen 1971 und 1981, die Todesrate bei 10% lag. Und daß sämtliche Todesopfer Kinder unter 10 Jahren waren.

WHO erklärt Affenpocken zur Notlage

Stand: 23.07.2022 16:41 Uhr

Bislang hatte die WHO noch keinen Anlass gesehen, wegen der Affenpocken den Gesundheitsnotstand auszurufen. Doch angesichts der weiteren Ausbreitung kam nun die Kehrtwende: WHO-Generaldirektor Tedros erklärte die "Notlage von internationaler Tragweite".

Die Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) hat den Affenpocken-Ausbruch in mehr als 60 Ländern zu einer "Notlage von internationaler Tragweite" erklärt. Das gab WHO-Generaldirektor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus bei einer Pressekonferenz bekannt. Die Einstufung soll die Aufmerksamkeit der Mitgliedsländer erhöhen, hat aber keine direkten praktischen Folgen, denn die Regierungen entscheiden selbst über etwaige Maßnahmen in ihren Ländern.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Online

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09.09.2022 20:03
#7 RE: "Leoparden küsst man nicht, ..." Antworten

Ich geb' das mal so weiter.

‘We’ll Steal Your Soul’ – Biden’s Monkeypox Spox Has a Penchant for Pentagrams, Occultism, and Satanism.

A deep-dive investigation into now-private social media channels reveals the dark underbelly of one of Joe Biden's recent, top hires.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On August 2nd, President Biden appointed Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, as the White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator. Also the CDC’s Division Director for HIV Prevention, he previously served in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration in the New York City Health Department.

Daskalakis is known for his efforts in the world of HIV and other diseases affecting the LGBTQ+ community, having attended New York University Medical School, followed by a residency, fellowship, and additional masters degree from Harvard Medical School. In an interview with The Atlantic in 2014, he said “I learned my bedside manner from East Village drag queens.” He attended Columbia University as an undergraduate and was a “general and religion double major.” Raised by Greek Orthodox immigrants in Arlington, Virginia, a review of Dr. Daskalakis’s social media presence reveals a penchant for pentagrams and other Satanic symbolism, The National Pulse can reveal.

Daskalakis’s social media presence is disturbing, to say the least. Alongside his partner Michael MacNeal, the pair launched a “goth” gym in New York, which originally ran out of the high-profile Equinox gym chain, before spinning off into its own brand based in a former gay nightclub that in turn had taken over an old church in Manhattan: Monster Cycle.

Monster Cycle’s social media pages are full of references to Satanism, the devil, burning crosses, and pentagrams, and more. While the gym got fawning coverage from the New York Times (below) in 2014, its review on “SweatConcierge” made references to “alarming” imagery and “terrifying” co-ed locker rooms.

“There’s light even in darkness,” MacNeal told the New York Post in the same year – which correlates directly with a quote tattooed across the chest of Joe Biden’s monkeypox co-ordinator, his partner Dr. Daskalakis.

“I have learned there is light even in the darkest places,” Daskalakis’s tattoo of a pentagram reads. He also has ink showing the corpse of a dead creature, as well as a serpent, a head with three eyes, and what appears to be a Saint-like figure or even a depiction of Jesus Christ across his stomach.

It’s not the only reference to Christ the pair – Daskalakis and MacNeal – make in their social media posts. A series of images from 2012 appear to depict a seance, or Ouija board ceremony with a lit crucifix depicting Jesus Christ, laying on a pentagram on the table.

Another image from the same night shows MacNeal with a producer friend, Bianca Grey, using the Ouija board with the crucifix. Another image, from 2011, shows Daskalakis appearing to mock Christ in the depiction of the Last Supper.

The concerning imagery and association hardly stops there. An October 2011 image shows the White House staffer wearing a pentagram helmet with an upside-down cross above it. MacNeal, in the background, appears to be wearing a crown of thorns.

One of the accounts Daskalakis follows on Instagram is The Satanic Temple TV, which describes its mission statement as:

We will entertain and challenge, delight and disgust. We will explore the artistic, political and transgressive roots of modern Satanism. We will give voice to our diverse communities as Satanists, atheists and social justice activists in a global society.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire


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