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Ulrich Elkmann Offline

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29.01.2022 22:38
#26 RE: Corona künstlich erzeugt Antworten

Ich gebe das mal so weiter.

Logic @LogicTurn
Reports from Australia

Australian Media Places Blame for the Pandemic on Fauci.

This will be echoed World Wide.

Part 1

2:49 AM · Jan 29, 2022·Twitter for Android

Sharri Markson arbeitet für den Sender Sky News Australia; sie moderiert dort die wöchentliche Sendung "Sharri". Gestern gab es dort einen Beitrag zum Thema Dr. Fauci, in dem gewissermaßen offiziell der Stand der Erkenntnis zusammengefaßt wird. Ich habe den Beitrag mal aus den fünf Teilen zu je 2 1/2 Minuten, in die er auf Twitter gesplittet ist, mitgeschrieben. Es geht mir um die Teile 1-3, nicht so sehr um das anschließende Kurzinterview mit Anthony Bellotti, dem Gründer der NGO White Coat Waste, der seine Frustrationen schildert, weil der Klage an die Adresse der NIH auf Klärung gemäß dem FOIA, dem Freedom of Information Act, bislang nicht nachgekommen worden ist. Alle fünf Abschnitte sind im verlinkten Strang anzuklicken und nachzuhören.


Markson: The US funded highly dangerous coronsvirus research that was once banned at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The research involved creating new, deadly viruses that never exsted before. Intelligence Agencies are investigating whether such a virus may have leaked and rersulted in a global pandemic. The person who knows more about this research than anyone is the top medical advisor to the President, Anthony Fauci. But when the outbreak of the pandemic exploded, and the White was sitting there wondering how it all stared, Fauci did not once mention gain-of-function research or the other research acitivities at the Wuhan laboratory. it was left to others to slowly uncover. Gain-of-function research involves experiments that can increase transmissibility or the virulence of pathogens, of viruses. And that's what was going on in the Wuhan labs. It turns out that even when this worrying research was banned in the US back in 2014, US money was still continuing to flow through to China to fund the same research. And Fauci is the man responsible for this. He was the head of the NIH when the ban on this risky research was lifted in 2017.

[Bildunterschrift] Dr Anthony Fauci made a groundbreaking admission in a recent interview - that he funded coronavirus research in China toi avoid an outbreak in the US

(1:37) (Interview-Einspielung Fauci) "You don't want to go to Hoboken, New Jersey, or to Fairfax, Virginia, to be studying to bac-human interface that might lead to an outbreak. So you go to China."

(1:49) Markson: The NIH was also funding research being undertaken by Chinese military scientists. American taxpayer dollars were funding research to genetically manipulate coronaviruses with the People's Liberation Army. This particular project also involves the Wuhan Institute of Virology and two American institutions.

(Interview-Einspieler Anthony Bellotti) "It's still the Wuhan lab - it's still authorized for payouts, right now. look on the NIH's web site. The PIS assurance is still there."


Markson: Fauci's excuse for why he sent this money for research in China. Here is what he said in a little-known interview he did just a couple of days ago:

(O-Ton Fauci) "This is a sub-award from a larger grand, that we seed one of the highest scores from American peer reviewers of research that needed to be done. So you say: why do it in China? Do do it in China through a very well-known, highly qualified laboratory."

(0:36) Markson: Let's pause here for a second. Is Fauci serious? A "highly qualified laboratory"? He needs a history lesson. Firstly, the lab was built with the French government and was meant to be a center of international cooperation. But from the moment it opened, the French were immediately kicked out. They were furious, and French Intelligence then warned that the lab could be used for bioweapon research and military purposes. And in 2015 Israeli bioweapons expert Dani Shoham did an in-depth research of China's research in the field of biological weapons. He specifically named the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And it wasn't just the French and the Israelis who were concerned. The US government itself was aware of the extreme risks of this lab through cables sent back from American officials who visited there, visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2017 and 2018. They were so concerned they sent back two cables and they warned of the serious lack of trained technicians, the lack of funding, the biosafety concerns - and they also highlighted the type of dangerous coronavirus research that was going on. So, Fauci: you're wrong when you say: this was a well-known, highly-qualified laboratory. The opposite is true.

(O-Ton Fauci) "Now, you're absolutely correct that I can't guarantee everything that's going on in the Wuhan lab. We can't do that. But it is our obligation as scientists and public health individuals to study the animal-human interface."

(2:16) Markson: No, Fauci. it is your obligation as a scientist...


Markson: ...that you CAN guarantee everything that is going on.

(O-Ton Fauci) "So it was upon us to study the animal-human interface and to understand what potential these viruses have of infecting humans, which then might damage the United States."

(0:17) Markson: That phrase that you just heard Fauci say - "the potential these viruses have to damage to infect humans" - that describes exactly the type of gain-of-function research, where viruses are genetically altered to see if they can infect humans. And in doing this research, a new virus is created that does infect humans, that can infect humans, and could leak from a laboratory to cause a pandemic.

(0.44) (O-Ton Fauci) "Please let me finish. So you don't wanna go to Hoboken, New Jersey, and Fairfax, Virginia, to be studying the bac-human interface that might lead to an outbreak. So you go to China."

(0:59) Markson: Seriously? You "go to China" because you don't want to start and outbreak in America? This is a health official not understanding how viruses can spread around the world. In China, in labs that are less safe, less secure. Where the new deadly viruses can then be used for military purposes and bioweapons research. Where military scientists had already advocated for the weaponization of coronaviruses. This is where America's top medical advisor to the President wanted to do the risky coronavirus research. It is unthinkable.

(O-Ton Bellotti) "It is our mission to stop taxpayer-funded and wasteful government spending on animal experiments such as at the Wuhan lab. We've been on this journey like Base One. We started our work and our investigations into Wuhan way back in January of 2020. Our contributions to investigating and exposing the pandemic's origin really weren't so much following the science to implicate a lab leak. We're following the money. Following that money trail and then to find and expose the fundant. And the lawsuit that we just filed against Fauci's NIH is part of that overall campaign."


(O-Ton Bellotti)"Our investigation showing how that money trail worked. Showing that, indeed, taxpayers, via Fauci's NIH, in road the then-little-known EcoHealth, were indeed funding the Wuhan lab. It was an investigation that really shocked the world: that potentially American taxpayers were for these experiments that may have indeed caused the pandemic. You can see in the new Fauci emails they talk about our investigation back in April 2020 when it all broke and got the White House's attention to cancel the active funding at the time. Since we launched our investigation, Sharri, we subsequently sent two Freedom Of Information Act requests to the NIH, to find out precisely what Fauci knew and when he knew it. We requested information like funding applications, email correspondence between Fauci and EcoHealth before and after the pandemic broke, email correspondence between Fauci and former CDC director Redfield, wo as you know is a prominent supporter of the lab leak hypothesis, information about whether Fauci's payout to Wuhan/EcoHealth was properly reviewed by the NIH oversight committee. Fauci's emails all the way back to 2013 were requested. We wanted to see what NIH and EcoHealth knew about a lab leak - a potential lab leak - in 2019 and early 2020. Well, after we filed those Freedom Of Information Act requests, Fauci's NIH blew the deadline set by Federal law to give us what we were entitled to as taxpayers. They blew the deadline to hand over all those documents, and so White Coat filed a Federal lawsuit. We really do need some god investigation work now in the US. We need that Presidential commission. We need the ENC committee to step up."


Bellotti: "We need to come clean now. We need an audit of all the money we're spending in China."

(0:12) Markson: And now that it's emerged that he funded a laboratory that may have sparked this pandemic there is no investigation at all. And is the White House concerned about any of this?

(0:46 Frage eines Reporters an Jen Psaki in der PK Biden) "Dr. Fauci. Can you imagine any circumstance under which the President would fire him?" Psaki: "No."

(0:50) Markson: There is no accountability here for an administration that promised more transparency.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

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