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Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

16.09.2021 22:20
#51 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Die beiden Fälle sind nicht vergleichbar - oder eben genau das: Nr. 1, also meine entspannte Version, hat die zivile Ebene der Regierung im Blick - Weißes Haus zu Kreml, die Außenministerien, mit der Voraussetzung, daß das Militär an der Leine zu halten ist. Das fällt unter "Diplomatie." Es ist etwas anderes, wennn Schritte unternommen werden, die Regierungen auszuschließen und ihnen die Kontrolle über das Militär zu entziehen oder zu verweigern, und sie nicht einmal davon zu informieren. Das fällt unter "Staatsstreich." Daß das mit den besten Absichten geschieht, tut nichts zur Sache. Putsche geschehen in aller Regel mit der Begründung, eine zivile Regierung, die ins Chaos steuert, an diesem Tun zu hindern. Das hier der oberste Militär allen Ernstes daran geglaubt zu haben scheint, sein Präsident könnte aus narzisstischer Kränkung mal eben den dritten Weltkrieg lostreten, zeigt schon, daß der Mann nicht auf diesen Posten gehört.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

17.09.2021 19:54
#52 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

DAS nennt man wohl einen Treppenwitz der Weltgeschichte.

"Joe Biden was right all along"

Zitat von September 17, 2021
Ignored by the Washington blob for a decade, his strategy's time has come. BY Edward Luttwak

Soon after becoming Vice-President in 2009, Joe Biden told Barack Obama and the entire national security council that the United States should: stop trying to build a feminist democracy in Afghanistan of all places, stop trying to build a national army from a pre-national population, and stop paying Pakistan more than $2 billion a year for the use of the port of Karachi and the road to Kandahar while Pakistan was funding the Haqqani network that specialised in killing Americans.

White House staffers, and Obama’s first Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, would ridicule Biden’s repetitious perorations that simply ignored the expert consensus: both the civilian and military chiefs in the Pentagon, backed by leading “think tank” experts, fully agreed with Generals McChrystal and (Dr.) Petraeus. They were the commanders in Afghanistan who believed that progress was accelerating as more and more Afghans were rejecting fanaticism to embrace progress… and the first-class experts agreed with them! Petraeus would soon promulgate his Counterinsurgency manual FM 3-24 ( my review: “counterinsurgency as military malpractice”).
But in 2009, Biden’s other problem was even bigger: one more reason he wanted the US out of Afghanistan (and Iraq) was to focus on China as a rising threat, when very few Americans agreed with him, and none in the White House. At that very time — the worst of the financial crisis — the US was asking the Europeans, Japan and also China to pump up public spending to save the world economy that was falling into a depression. The Europeans were skeptical (“Crisis? What crisis? Just your Lehman crisis, you fix it”, was the European response). Only the British responded, and the Chinese, who immediately launched Belt and Road, and other projects that deliberately employed tens of thousands with shovels — not just bulldozers. Obama was grateful and the US Treasury Secretary Geithner was ecstatic —it took two years (!) for the Europeans to react, and even then they moved very slowly, and spent very little.

In this climate, Biden was again isolated when he pointed out that China’s helpful public spending included very fast-growing military spending that contradicted its Peaceful Rise policy proclaimed in 2004. Having long chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Biden heard warnings from several experts including the present writer [The Rise of China and the Logic of Strategy Harvard U Press 2012] and more importantly, Kevin Rudd, then Australia’s prime minister, who explained that China’s leaders believed that the fatal “General Crisis of Capitalism” had finally arrived. It had come too late for the USSR but just in time for the PRC to become the world’s most powerful state.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Johanes Offline

Beiträge: 755

17.09.2021 20:18
#53 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Also entweder verfügt Biden über den ultimativen Plan oder er hat überhaupt keinen Plan.

Stand 23.06.: Dem BMWi fällt auf, dass der Strombedarf nicht bis 2030 konstant bleibt.
26.07.2021 DIW PLANT starken Nachfragerückgang bei Energie. to be continued

herki Offline

Beiträge: 66

17.09.2021 22:22
#54 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Ich will und kann nicht abstreiten das Biden 2009 etwas derartiges vorgeschlagen oder gesagt hat.
Heute ist er nichtmehr der der Vorschläg und mit Plänen um die Ecke kommt.

Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

19.09.2021 23:56
#55 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Puh. Kabul. Ich schrieb irgendwo weiter oben ja schon: "this is the gift that keeps on giving."

Zitat von FirstPost, 19 September
Kabul Airport suicide attacker was freed by Taliban after four years in CIA custody for New Delhi terror plot

Abdul Rehman, a former engineering student with roots in Afghanistan’s Logar province and the son of a merchant who frequently visited New Delhi on business, was freed from Bagram prison on 15 August

The Islamic State suicide bomber who killed at least 169 Afghan civilians and 13 United States soldiers outside Kabul airport last month was incarcerated in Afghanistan’s notorious Bagram prison for the past four years, thanks to Indian efforts, Firstpost has learnt through credible intelligence sources.

Senior Indian intelligence sources familiar with the case have told Firstpost that he was handed over to the United States' Central Intelligence Agency by the Research and Analysis Wing in September 2017. However, the jihadist walked free on 15 August along with thousands of other dangerous terrorists held in the high-security prison, taking advantage of the chaos that ensued in the aftermath of the United State's hurried exit and the Taliban's swift takeover of the entire country.

Identified as Abdul Rehman, the jihadist was a former student of an engineering college in India and hailed from Afghanistan’s Logar province. He was the son of an Afghan merchant who frequently visited India for business.

His arrest had led to the termination of a plot by the Islamic State of Khurasan Province (IS-K) -- the Islamic State’s regional wing in Afghanistan -- to stage suicide bombings in New Delhi and other cities across the region, probably on the behest of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI).

"America’s disorganised retreat from Afghanistan has led to hundreds of highly-competent and highly-committed terrorists being set free to rejoin the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups," one officer who worked on the Abdul Rehman case said.

"Literally a decade’s work on counter-terrorism has been undone by the US' failure to secure key prisoners in Bagram," he said adding that the consequences of this failure will be "very far-reaching."

The Islamic State’s South Asia magazine, Sawt al-Hind (or Voice of the Indian Subcontinent) also confirmed in this weekend's edition that the suicide bomber had earlier been arrested in New Delhi, in the course of a failed suicide-bombing plot.

The said plot was first brought into the public domain by The Indian Express in 2018 and was first detected in mid-2017 by the CIA, which had picked up intelligence from communications of IS leadership in Afghanistan and their financial support networks in Dubai.

Rehman was selected to lead the plot because of his familiarity with New Delhi, which the jihadist had visited on several occasions in connections with his family business.

Rehman, the sources said, arrived in India under cover of studying at an engineering institute in Noida. After staying in the institute’s hostel for some weeks, he moved to a flat in New Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar neighbourhood. Intercepted communications allowed RAW to insert an agent posing as a jihadist in Rehman's circle, who pretended to be furthering the plot by sourcing explosive devices and recruiting personnel.

Sources said that the Delhi Police’s counter-terrorism unit, which was led by now-Deputy Commissioner of Police Pramod Kushwaha, had conducted on-ground surveillance against Rehman for several weeks before his arrest.

RAW’s agent, the sources said, persuaded Rehman that he had recruited multiple suicide attackers and sourced enough explosives to conduct the attacks. This generated a lot of chatter in the extremists' network and caused multiple communication between the Afghan jihadist and his commanders, which the CIA was able to exploit.

Instead of prosecuting Rehman in India, the sources said, a decision was taken to extradite him to Kabul on a special flight, to facilitate the CIA's investigation. In Bagram, he was questioned by the CIA and Afghanistan’s intelligence service, the National Directorate of Security. The questioning led to the elimination of multiple Islamic State leaders in United States drone strikes till 2019.

"There’s no clarity on what happened to Abdul Rehman between his escape from Bagram and the suicide attack," one intelligence official said. "It is possible he wanted revenge, or that he was persuaded by his old jihadist friends to atone for his role in the killings of his associates in this manner."

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

27.09.2021 21:21
#56 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Biden heute mittag auf der Pressekonferenz (13:12 Eastern Time / 18:12 MESZ), als er vor laufender kamera siene Auffrischungsimpfung verabreicht bekam:

August Takala @RudyTakala

REPORTER: How many Americans need to be vaccinated before getting back to normal?

BIDEN: Well, I think, look — I think we get the vast majority. 97, 98 percent.

7:20 PM · Sep 27, 2021·SnapStream TV Search

Der kurze Abschnitt ist im Tweet eingebettet.

Der CEO von Pfizer hat heute eine "Rückkehr zur Normalität" in "vielleicht einem Jahr" (also Ende 2022) vage in Aussicht gestellt - "mit Ausnahme derer, die nicht geimpft sind." Erinnert sich noch jemand an die bis zum Sommer überall herausgehängte Definition von "Herdenimmunität"? Pfizer hat heute auch Auffrischungsimpfungen im Jahrestakt angekündigt; und Impfungen für Kinder ab dem 5. Lebensjahr mindestens alle drei Jahre.

Macht euch eins schneidend klar: Wenn es nach diesen Leuten geht, werden wir NIE zu einer Normalität zurückkehren. Sie kommen nicht aus dieser Nummer heraus, und sie haben nicht die leisteste Absicht dazu.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

herki Offline

Beiträge: 66

28.09.2021 03:17
#57 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Wobei es abgesehen von den Irrfahrten des Bundes ala Zwangsimpfe in den USA in vielen Staaten schon wieder eine Normalität gibt.
Sogar in der Volksrepublik New Jersey ich der ich mich aufhalte gibt es keine 2,3,4G Regeln. Freundlicher Hinweis auf Maske für Ungeimpfte (wird nicht kontrolliert) und ansonsten ist alles normal.Restaurants und Bars sind offen, Fitnesstudions und Sportstadien ebenfalls.

Ich habe eine innerliche Freudenträne vergossen als ich vor einigen Wochen eines der ersten College Football Spiele der Saison gesehen habe: locker 60k junge Menschen im Stadion am feiern. Und keine Maske weit und breit.

Das Pfizer und Co. kein Interesse an einer Normalität haben wenn man 600 Milionen Dosen Impfstoff pro Jahr verkaufen kann ist mir so klar wie sonstetwas. Das muss man genauso ignorieren wie ein McDonalds CEO der sich für die BigMac Pflicht ausspricht.

Hier hat niemand interesse an einer Rückkehr zu 2020 und Bidens Pfleger dürften das wissen. Man versucht den Rona Gaul noch etwas zu reiten und ein paar unbeliebte Gesetze durchzupeitschen aber eigentlich ist er tot.

Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

28.09.2021 14:31
#58 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Zitat von Ulrich Elkmann im Beitrag #56
Biden heute mittag auf der Pressekonferenz ... Macht euch eins schneidend klar: Wenn es nach diesen Leuten geht, werden wir NIE zu einer Normalität zurückkehren. Sie kommen nicht aus dieser Nummer heraus, und sie haben nicht die leisteste Absicht dazu.

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr

This is code for we are never getting back to normal.

Quote Tweet

Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec · 17h

BREAKING: Biden says he will allow the country to get back to normal when 97-98% of Americans are vaccinated

1:57 PM · Sep 28, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

Antwort im Thread:

Brando @BeeDap88 · 31m

Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr

Well jokes on him, I haven't changed a damn thing. Been living a normal life this whole time.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

06.10.2021 22:55
#59 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten


Zitat von Sept 30, 2021
Fake Views: White House Creates Illusionary White House Set for Joe Biden Events

The White House has developed a special video set for President Joe Biden events that are broadcast online or include video conferencing. As Biden sat down in a chair and rolled up his sleeve to get his vaccine booster shot on Monday, the window behind him showed a beautiful view of the Rose Garden.

But the president was not even in the White House at all. It was all a carefully crafted illusion. Instead he was on a new set in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across the street from the actual White House. The window view of the Rose Garden appears to be a digital screen – depicting what the view could theoretically be if you looked out of the White House. Other events show the screens depicting different outdoor views. During a Biden event on global warming, one of the windows showed artificial views of solar panels. Biden’s staff now holds more White House events in the artificial set depicting the White House, especially if they include live video conferencing calls.

Behind the scenes photos of the set show that it includes a wide array of lighting, digital equipment and optics to make the president look as good as possible on video — and to make it look like he is speaking to the world from the White House. Photos of the set sparked online chatter about the president’s media strategy, recalling his specially constructed video set in the basement of his Delaware home during the 2020 presidential campaign.

It remains unclear why White House staff believe it is easier to create a fake White House set across the street instead of broadcasting from the actual White House building.

Wenn das so weitergeht, stellt sich demnächst heraus, daß die Mondlandung tatsächlich im Sandkasten in Hollywood gedreht worden ist. Oder in Joes Kohlenkeller.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

08.10.2021 19:59
#60 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Mal was anderes. 1/6, 6. Januar, der Mummenschanz im Kapitol. Revolution, Staatsstreich, "schlimmer als 9/11."

Zitat von Washington Examiner, 7. Juli 21
MSNBC's reliably unhinged Joy Reid and network contributor Matthew Dowd agreed this week the riot, in which one protester was shot and killed, is probably worse than the Sept. 11 attacks, ...

Zitat von Newsweek, 25. Mai 21
Huffington Post Reporter Sparks Outrage for Saying Capitol Riot Was 1,000 Times Worse Than 9/11

Und jetzt:

Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson

1/ I have some bad news. After multiple calls I have some extremely grim news.

As of now 1/6 commission is dead already, and will not enforce the subpoenas.

Trump wins.

The 1/6 terror plot will go unexamined and unpunished.

To say I'm livid is putting it mildly.

5:50 PM · Oct 8, 2021·TweetDeck

Subpoenas sind Vorladungen/Anhörungen vor Gericht. Die bislang in U-Haft Einsitzenden haben sich des groben Unfugs und des Hausfriedensbruchs für schuldig erklärt. Das ist der Regelfall bei Verurteilungen dieser Art. Darauf setzt es maximal 6 Monate Bau. Da die meisten seit Mitte Januar einsitzen, dürften da noch saftige Entschädigungen fällg werden.

Wie man am 1/ sehen, kann, geht das noch weiter.

Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson ·2h
Replying to @TheRickWilson

2/ This is staffed wrong, led wrong, and a gutless exercise to get back to talking about infrastructure.

They're not taking the risk seriously, they're not taking the data before them seriously, and they're eager to run out the clock.


Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson ·2h

4/ "They're afraid of 1A implications." The FUCK?

How about being afraid of a mob coming to fucking kill you?

Democrats, never tell me again "We got this."

Because you don't have this.


Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson· 2h

5/ Stay locked in your bubble that the modern GOP won't have a mob of Bannon's terrorists burn you to the ground and piss on the ashes.

An unpunished coup is a training exercise.


Austickende Linke scheinen weltweit dieselben Wahnideen zu entwickeln.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

08.10.2021 20:57
#61 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Apropos Bannon, 1/6 und "Vorladungen":

Zitat von 18:04 BST, 8 October 2021 | Updated: 18:58 BST, 8 October 2021
EXCLUSIVE 'I stand with Trump': Steve Bannon tells the January 6 select committee that he will NOT comply with their subpoena because the former president has 'executive privilege'

Steve Bannon's lawyer tells House committee he will not comply with subpoena
'I stand with Trump and the Constitution,' said former White House strategist
Lawmakers had asked him for documents and testimony on the Jan. 6 attack
But his lawyer, Robert Costello, said Trump's 'executive privilege' meant that Bannon was unable to comply
It sets up a possible legal challenge to force Bannon and other aides to testify

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon on Friday said he stood solidly with former President Trump and will not be cooperating with its investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

'I stand with Trump and the Constitution,' he told

Bannon was one of four former officials that the House Jan. 6 committee subpoenaed to provide documents and testimony as they investigate the violence that engulfed the Capitol after a Trump rally nearby.


Cernovich @Cernovich

Fact check -

No one connected to the January 6th events have been charged under the Insurrection Act.

Most of the plea deals have been for misdemeanor “trespassing” and “parading.”

Anyone claiming January 6th was an insurrection is sharing disinformation.

10:37 PM · Oct 8, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

Ulrich Elkmann Offline

Beiträge: 9.641

14.10.2021 20:27
#62 RE: Watergate 2.0 Antworten

Zahlen von Bloomberg. Und die Haben die vom Labor Department, dem Arbeitsministerium.

Last night

3% of Americans quit their jobs in August, here's where the mass exodus hit the hardest
4.3 million people quit their jobs in August. The mass exodus hit the food and hospitality industry the hardest, followed by retail. The gap has forced employers to rethink how they retain talent.

Restaurants, bars, hotels 892,000
Retail jobs 721,000
Professional services 702,000
Health care 534,000

Über die Gründe äußert man sich dort nicht, aber man könnte substantielle Summen darauf verwetten, daß Impfpflicht hier der ausschlagebende Faktor ist.

"Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande." - Voltaire

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